What To Wear To Your First Pilates Class In Keilor

-Oct 13, 2021
What To Wear To Your First Pilates Class In Keilor

Fitness studios and gyms are finally opening up again throughout Melbourne. If you are venturing into a Pilates class in person for the first time you may be a tad unsure on what to wear to class. Don’t worry, we have created the perfect beginners guide on what to wear to your first 4ME Pilates class in Keilor. Choosing what to wear to a Pilates workout is not as simple as it is when deciding what to wear to the gym. As easy as it may be, you cannot simply throw on your oversized workout clothes and head off to your class. Your instructor needs to be able to see how your joints align and move throughout the session. So, your choice of clothing is rather important if you want to make the most of your workout!


We felt this was so important, it required its own heading!

Have you ever looked at someone wearing a striped outfit and suddenly felt as though you the person was trying to hypnotize you? Well, that sensation is very unhelpful to your instructor when they are trying to analyse your moment and correct your exercises.

Multiple colours are okay, however we recommend all members come with single colour tops on to allow their instructor the best possible chance to assist them with their exercises.


Tracksuit pants or leggings that are not too baggy are highly recommended, but please check your leggings to make sure they aren’t see-through! You spend a fair amount of time on your back with your legs in the air, so high quality leggings are an absolute must.

You will also want to avoid tracksuit pants with a thick waistband as they may dig into your waist, making your workout rather uncomfortable.


While we don’t recommend you wearing a t-shirt that is too baggy, you don’t need to wear one that is skin tight! A shirt or singlet that comfortably fits your form is fine.

We strongly recommend all members wear shirts with a round neck. Low-cut necklines can leave you bearing more than you bargained for when moving into positions where your upper body is lowered and your lower body is raised.


If you invest in any clothing for Pilates, it should be a good sports bra. Pilates involves a variety of movements, so you want to ensure you are providing yourself with ample support throughout the class. Additionally, a lot of exercises require you to be laying on your back. It would be very uncomfortable and distracting working out with a bra-clip digging into your spine!


During your workout, you will not be wearing any shoes, so you can wear whatever shoes you want to class!

For socks, we recommend you wear grip socks. These are specialised socks with rubber attached to the soles. These are very important as they allow you to keep your feet warm while you workout, and also allow you to grip the reformer.

Fortunately, we stock grip socks in our Pilates studios, so you don’t need to go on the hunt to find a pair. We’ve got you covered!

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