Regular Movement: The Best Way To Prevent Injuries

-May 10, 2022
The Best Way Prevent Injuries

Many people associate exercise with injuries, however, you may be interested to learn that
not exercising at all places you at a greater risk of injury and illness. As we become more
sedentary, our muscles weaken, joints tighten and BMI increases, all factors which contribute
to an increased risk of injury.

Loading Your Muscles

Exercises that load through your muscles, such as Pilates, can assist in preventing injury
through increasing muscle mass, which in turn leads to improved muscle strength and load
bearing capacity. The more load a muscle can bear, the more stress they can tolerate, in turn
leading to the muscle being less easily injured.

A large benefit of Pilates-based resistance training is the focus on the strengthening of
muscles and tendons while simultaneously improving ligament flexibility, all of which
decreases your risk of injury. By engaging in regular Pilates-based resistance training, you are
giving yourself the opportunity to perform better in strenuous activities and day-to-day tasks.

Cardio Strengthens Bones and Muscles

It is important to keep in mind that preventing injury isn’t all about strengthening your
muscles . Cardiovascular exercise, such as walking and cycling, should be incorporated into
every exercise regime to help strengthen your bones and improve muscular endurance.

Yes, your muscles need to be strong. However, if the strength is short-lived due to premature
muscular fatigue, you place yourself at an increased risk of injury due to insufficient
muscular engagement and the ineffective movements that occur as a result.

The addition of cardiovascular exercise into your exercise regime also provides a host of
other benefits, such as improving your balance and aiding your heart’s health

Agility and Flexibility

When it comes to exercising, it helps to be as flexible and agile as you can be to avoid an
injury. Pilates has long been highly recommended when it comes to preventing injuries such
as back pain, due to its ability to aid in the improvement of posture and flexibility.

The benefit of Pilates for agility and mobility training is that your training can be easily
targeted to your troublesome areas. Additionally, Pilates provides a fun and engaging way to
work on your mobility. With Pilates, your instructor will always provide new and exciting
exercises that get you moving and loosen your muscles, saving you from having to complete
the same old four stretches at home.

Regular Movement – The Key To Healthy Living

Frequent active movement will help to keep your joints and soft tissue healthy and mobile.
Starting with a fun, 45-minute 4ME Pilates class 3-4 times per week is the best option to ease
yourself into regular exercise.

So what are you waiting for?

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