Mental Wellbeing And Exercise

-May 10, 2022
Mental Wellbeing Exercise

Fortunately, mental wellbeing has been under the microscope in recent years and we are now
learning more and more about how we can improve our mental facets.

One of the standout performers in improving mental wellbeing has been physical activity.
Physical activity plays a vital role in boosting your mood, focus, memory and overall mental

Exercise can help provide you with:

1. Sharper Memory And Thought Processes

Your endorphins, which give you that sense of joy and happiness after you exercise, can also
help you to concentrate and feel mentally sharp, which can help you be more effective at
work and learning new skills.

Exercise also stimulates the growth of new brain cells and assists in preventing age-related
declines in brain functioning.

2. Improved Self-Esteem

Once exercise becomes a regular feature of your weekly routine, it can build your sense of
self-worth, helping you to feel stronger and more confident. When you achieve small exercise
goals, it provides you with a sense of achievement that you carry through the remainder of
your day into other tasks.

Additionally, as your body begins to move and feel better, you yourself will also begin to feel

3. Increased Sleep Quality

Regular exercise has been shown to assist you in regulating your sleeping patterns. If you
prefer to exercise at night, relaxing exercises such as our 4ME Stretch and Tone class can
help to soothe you and promote sleep.

4. Feel Energised

We all feel tired and lethargic at times, and we often see in those instances that our
productivity and mood drops.

Well, increasing your heart rate several times a week will help you to feel more energetic
throughout the day, allowing you to get more done with your time. In turn, this will also have
positive benefits on your mood!

5. Emotional Resilience

Unfortunately, there are unavoidable stressors in life that we all must face at times. Therefore,
it is imperative that we have healthy outlets for our emotions that allow us to disconnect from
our daily stressors.

Exercise can be a healthy outlet for your emotions. It can be used to destress, unwind and
reset, in a non-harmful manner. Following your exercise class, you will be ready to tackle
many challenges that life throws at you

It May Be Easier Than You Realise

You do not need to spend countless hours exercising every day to reap the mental benefits of
physical activity.

Just 45-minutes of moderate intensity exercise, such as a Pilates class, 3-5 times per week is
enough for you to begin seeing the benefits physical activity provides to your mental

So what are you waiting for?

Head to our Introductory Offer page and sign yourself up for some of our unparalleled Pilates
classes and take your first steps towards improved mental wellbeing today!

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