Reformer Pilates

We know that Pilates is a new concept to most. The common question we are asked by people just like you is “Where do I start?”

So, we have helped you to get started by breaking down our classes into easy to understand levels!

Each level indicates the class's intensity, with higher levels demonstrating that the class is higher intensity.

While lower level classes aren’t as “intense”, they still pack an excellent workout! Lower level classes allow you to wind back, focus on your form and really push for optimal muscle engagement!

This ensures that there is something to be gained from every class that will assist you on your path to complete physical wellbeing.

Stretch and Restore

4ME speciality, Stretch and Restore is a slower-paced, mobility focused class that opens your joints, lengthens your muscles and helps your body to feel rejuvenated and revitalised. Expect slow, ambient music coupled with relieving and relaxing manoeuvres that have been specifically coupled with the intention to leave you feeling as the name suggests, stretched and restored! Progressions and regressions are given for most exercises, so that no matter your experience level, you can participate in the entire class and get the maximum possible benefit.

Stretch And Restore
Open Reformer - Level One

The primary goal of this class is to improve overall fitness while helping participants grasp the fundamental concepts of Pilates. Whether you’re new to Pilates or looking to revisit the basics, Open Reformer – Level One provides a comprehensive introduction to the core principles of this transformative exercise method.

Open Reformer Level One
Open Reformer - Level Two

Building upon the foundational movements established in Level One, Level Two introduces a more dynamic and challenging experience. Expect shorter breaks between exercises and mildly heavier equipment. This class is crafted to push individuals with a modest grasp of Reformer Pilates, encouraging ongoing growth in technique, strength, and flexibility.

Open Reformer Level Two
Strength Reformer - Level Three

Join us as we challenge your entire body, with the use of a variety of equipment that have been hand selected to facilitate the development of functional strength. Your Strength class will take you through a range of muscle-toning movements that are sure to have you breaking a sweat and leave you feeling stronger!

Strength Reformer Level Three
Glute + Core - Level Three

Ready to put your legs and core to the test?
Think heavy weights, strong springs and a deep glute burn! This Level 3 class is aimed at honing your glute and core control under fatigue. You will be drawing on the foundational skills developed in Level One and Two to maintain your form while pushing these
key muscle groups to their limits.

Glute Core Level Three
FIT Reformer - Level Four

Join us for an exhilarating and high-intensity cardio-focused class that seamlessly blends the principles of HIIT and the dynamic energy of Jumpboard exercises. This level four class is not for the faint of heart—it’s designed for those seeking a challenging and invigorating workout experience. Brace yourself for weights, dynamic movements, and short breaks between sets, all aimed at achieving improved cardiovascular fitness and increased strength.

Fit Reformer Level Four
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