Exercising Saves You Money

-May 10, 2022
Exercising Saves Money

As the cost of living continues to rise, many are reassessing their monthly expenditure and
looking to tighten their purse strings and see where they can cut costs. One of the first items
people review are their health and fitness related expenses. But, can you actually afford to cut
your health studio membership?

Although cancelling your membership may seem to save you money, it may end up costing
you much more in the long run.

The Journal of The American Heart Association found that those who do not participate in
regular exercise will spend an additional $1,000-$3,500 per year on health and medical
expenses than their more active counterparts. Adding to this, The Lancet found that people
who do not exercise regularly cost the world economy almost $68 billion each year, both in
medical bills and lost productivity.

Lost productivity can include losing time at work due to injury or illness, reduced output
when working caused by decreased energy levels, motivation and drive.
We know what you may be thinking:

“I can just exercise at home!”

Superficially speaking, an “at-home” routine may seem like a good idea. Before you take that
leap to working out alone at home, you need to consider the ramifications of doing so. After
all, a health studio environment has a lot to offer, including structure, and the motivation you
get from working out in a group.

Exercising at a health studio is not only more motivating, but it is also more enjoyable for
you as well.

Completing exercise classes with and around others can greatly improve your adherence,
meaning you exercise more often. Accountability comes from your instructors, friends and
peers, as they often push you during your class, allowing you to get more out of the time you
put into exercising. Contrastingly, when completing home workouts, your exercise routine
will become less of a priority as it is much easier for you to procrastinate and defer your
workout, since you “can do it at any time”.

Health studios also provide a great deal of variety and expertise that will not be available to
you at home, making exercise more enjoyable for you. Attempting to replicate your routine
outside of a studio will leave you without the motivation, community, and the expert
knowledge provided by a professional exercise facility.

Physical activity is necessary for your everyday functions, as well as stimulating the body’s
own natural maintenance and repair system. By not exercising, you increase your risk of
many health issues, including some forms of cancer, heart disease, strokes and are less likely
to develop diabetes, have high blood pressure levels, and overall are generally healthier.
A variety of studies have shown that exercise combats low energy, stress, and depression and
those who participate are more optimistic, sleep better, have stronger bones, and are less
likely to be overweight or even catch a cold or the flu.

All of these factors contribute to the previously mentioned lower output of non-exercises, as
they tend to spend more time recovering from injuries and illnesses than those who regularly
exercise. Also, frequent exercisers will often get more done as they feel more energetic and
motivated throughout the day.

If you take into consideration the costs of maintaining your health without the help of
exercise, you are factoring in increased health insurance costs, food costs, pharmaceuticals,
and visits to specialists, GPs and diagnostic scans (Eg. MRI). The costs of exercising are
unmistakable: exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy body can spare you the dread of
illness and injury, and save you money.

Even though your health studio membership may cost you every month, think about the
savings your membership is actually providing you. If cutting back expenses is what you are
attempting, try to cut back on the things that will not short-change you in the long run. You
cannot put a price on your health and personal wellbeing.

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