Is Pilates Good For Improving Posture And Reducing Back Pain?

-Oct 25, 2021
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It is commonly thought that poor posture can lead to back pain, so we decided to consult our on-site Physiotherapists about posture, back pain and how Pilates can assist with both of these.

Q. Can Poor Posture Cause Back Pain?

Poor posture can cause upper back pain, which can be either acute (short term) or chronic (long term). Over the years, we have seen an increase in posture-related back pain, and this has only increased since COVID due to a lot of people spending more time sitting down (in poor positions too, mostly…)

Sitting, surprisingly enough, places a great deal of stress on our upper back when we sit on surfaces that lack adequate support. When you add the use of devices such as phones and laptops into the mix, your upper back is bound to feel the strain!

Q. Can Pilates Help With Improving Posture?

Pilates can help you in maintaining a “good posture”, which can then help to improve your back pain.

Pilates can help you to maintain the desired posture through:

  • Strengthening your core muscles
  • Improving joint proprioception (understanding how your body is positioned)
  • Improving your flexibility
  • Strengthening the muscles of your back
So, How Does Pilates Help?

Pilates is, for the most part, focused on developing strong core muscles. In your 4ME Pilates classes, you will undertake various exercises that can improve core strength.

Furthermore, the Pilates classes contain aspects of mobility work. Meaning you can stretch and lengthen your tight back muscles, which further assist in posture improvements

How Does A Strong Core Help Posture?

Your back and your trunk work together to maintain your posture. If your trunk is weak, your back muscles need to work overtime to maintain your posture. The opposite is true if you have weak back muscles.

Strengthening your core muscles takes the load off your back muscles, leading them to be less fatigued daily, leaving them with more energy to maintain your desired posture.

Final Words

If you are concerned with your posture, Pilates can be an enjoyable and effective way for you to improve it. However, we always recommend that you consult with a healthcare professional before completing a Pilates class, to assess your readiness.

If you would like to book an appointment with one of our on-site Physiotherapists, call Physical Healthcare on 03 9989 4998.

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